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Talking Politics (Civilly) in Trump's America

Talking Politics (Civilly) in Trump's America meets the second Thursday of every month at King's Books. In a time of echo chambers, animus, and political polarization it is increasingly difficult to find thoughtful conversations about contentious political issues. This group will attempt to create space for those conversations. Each month we will read a book that explores an issue relevant to contemporary American politics and gather today for a time of community-building and conversation. Each month, the selected book is available for purchase at King's Books.  To see what we're reading this month, go to the main Events page. If you have questions, please email sweet pea for more information.       


Previous Reads:

January 2019: One Person, No Vote - Carol Anderson

December 2018: The Fifth Risk - Michael Lewis

November 2018: How Democracies Die - Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt

October 2018: Chasing Hillary - Amy Chorick