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Seeds: Queer and Latinx Book Club

Seeds: Queer and Latinx Book Club meets the first Saturday of every month at King's Books. Seeds is a book club that aims to create a space for radical book nerds. Through critical engagement, we will break down texts within the latinx diaspora and make the application of theoretical lenses more accessible through conversation and connections to our everyday organizing. Seeds is more than just another latinx book club as it will focus on identity, politics, culture, queerness, citizenship, and race all while actively complicating and questioning  the markers of identity that inform what it means to be Latinx. The club is open to everyone. We will be reading a wide variety of texts from fiction, to philosophy, short stories, memoirs, sci-fi, historical pieces and much more. For questions contact Juan-Carlos. Each month, the selected book is available for purchase at King's Books. To see what we're reading this month, go to the main Events page.


Previous Reads

March 2020: Hunger by Roxane Gay

February 2020: More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

January 2020: What It Takes to Get to Vegas by Yxta Maya Murray

December 2020: Their Dogs Came with Them by Helena María Viramontes

November 2020: We the Animals by Justin Torres

October 2019: Lima:: Limón by Natalie Scenters-Zapico

September 2019: Octavia's Brood edited by Adrienne Maree Brown & Walidah Imarisha

August 2019: Chulito by Charles Rice-Gonzalez

July 2019: Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

May & June 2019: One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez & The Moths and Other Stories by Helena María Viramontes

April 2019: The Moths and Other Stories by Helena María Viramontes

March 2019: Borderlands/La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldúa & Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici