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Graphic Novel Book Club

Graphic Novel Book Club is dormant.


Previous Reads:

February 2013: MW by Osamu Tezuka

January 2013: Saga, Vol 1 by Brian K Vaughan & Fiona K Staples 

December 2012: Americus by MK Reed and Jonathan Hill

November 2012: A Drunken Dream and Other Stories by Moto Hagio

October 2012: The Underwater Welder by Jeff Lemire

September 2012: Like a Sniper Lining Up His Shot by Jacques Tardi & Jean-Patrick Manchette

August 2012: Berlin Book One: City of Stones by Jason Lutes

June 2012: Habibi by Craig Thompson

May 2012: Ghost World by Daniel Clowes

April 2012: The Book of Genesis by R. Crumb

March 2012: Sleeper: Season One by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

February 2012: Drops of God 1 by Tadashi Agi

January 2012: Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 by Tim Hamilton

December 2011: Mouse Guard: Fall 1152 by David Petersen

November 2011: Y: The Last Man, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

October 2011:  From Hell by Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

September 2011:  Stuck Rubber Baby by Howard Cruse

August 2011:  Pluto: Volume One by Naoki Urasawa and Osamu Tezuka

July 2011: The Rabbi's Cat by Joann Sfar

June 2011: Footnotes in Gaza by Joe Sacco

May 2011: Trickster: Native American Tales: A Graphic Collection edited by Matt Dembicki

April 2011: Stitches by David Small

March 2011: The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century by Frank Miller & Dave Gibbons

February 2011: It Was the War of the Trenches by Jacques Tardi

January 2011: Ōoku: The Inner Chambers, Vol. I by Fumi Yoshinaga

December 2010: A God Somewhere by John Arcudi & Peter Snejbjerg

November 2010: Asterios Polyp by David Mazzucchelli

October 2010: Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan

September 2010: The Girl from H.O.P.P.E.R.S. by Jaime Hernandez

August 2010: Tekkon Kinkreet: Black & White by Taiyo Matsumoto

July 2010: Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

June 2010: The Complete Essex County by Jeff Lemire

May 2010: Aya by Marguerite Abouet & Clément Oubrerie

April 2010: Me and the Devil Blues 1  by Akira Hiramoto

March 2010: DMZ, Vol. 1: On the Ground  by Brian Wood & Riccardo Burchielli

February 2010:  Logicomix by Apostolos Doxiadis, Christos Papadimitriou et al

January 2010:  Unknown Soldier, Vol. 1 by Joshua Dysart & Alberto Ponticelli

December 2009: A Contract with God  by Will Eisner

November 2009: The Walking Dead: Vol. I  by Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

October 2009: The Push Man and Other Stories  by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

September 2009: Heartbreak Soup  by Gilbert Hernandez

August 2009: Incognegro  by Mat Johnson & Warren Pleece

July 2009: American Born Chinese  by Gene Luen Yang

June 2009: Epileptic  by David B.

May 2009: Black Hole  by Charles Burns

April 2009: Fun Home  by Alison Bechdel