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Feminist Utopia Book Club

10/19/2022 - 5:30pm

Do you dream of a better world? One with equity and strong communities? One that’s anti-racist and anti-capitalist? Authors have dreamt up these worlds and have written books explaining how such worlds might work. Let’s take some time to honor their ideas by reading their works. Let’s use this book club as one way to strengthen our community in Tacoma. This book club will focus on fiction and nonfiction about one or more of the following: feminist utopia, socialism, anarchism, intersectional feminism. The book club may expand to other genres depending on members’ interests. It's facilitated by partners, nerds, socialists, intersectional feminists, and Tacoma residents Jenny & Joh. Join the Meetup. To view books previously read, click here.

This month, we'll read Lakewood by Megan Giddings, books available at King's Books or below. For the audiobook, click here. This month the meeting spot is TBD (check back for details soon). Join the Meetup to find the meeting details here.

Event address: 
TBD (check back)
Tacoma, WA