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Volunteer-Powered Social Change

09/26/2015 - 4:00pm

Join us as we welcome the authors of Doing Good...Says Who?: Stories from Volunteers, Nonprofits, Donors and Those They Want to Help. Connie Newton and Fran Early bring 60 years of experience as volunteers, managers of volunteers, and direct service. The book is based on over 400 interviews that put the reader on the ground with volunteers, non-governmental organizations, and donors. Through storytelling, humor, analysis, and practical advice, they highlight five principles for guiding good intentions into shared productive outcomes. This event is co-sponsored with the Center for Dialog & Resolution.  

Connie Newton has worked in the fields of sociology research, human-rights action, cross-cultural and experiential education. Her professional and volunteer work has included working with Non-Governmental Organizations/Nonprofits in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the US. She has worked with human rights organizations in the US and Guatemala. Connie worked with Friendship Bridge, learning about microcredit. This program, started with 32 women, now makes loans and provides education to almost 20,000 predominantly Mayan women.

Fran Early has cultivated a unique combination of corporate, board, and volunteer experience in her more than five decades of work in the private and public sectors. She worked over thirty years at Prudential Insurance Company and created innovative programs ranging from hiring ex-offenders to a program for mothers who could work part time while their children were in school. She helped found the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, which now has fifty congregations from nearly every race, ethnic group, class, and faith across metropolitan Boston. She was a key leader in the campaign that won a $100 million trust for affordable housing in Massachusetts and participated in the campaign that led to the state’s healthcare reform.

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King's Books
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