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Kid's Artist Craft Fair!

08/24/2019 - 11:00am to 3:00pm

Tacoma Is For Lovers and King's Books present a special Kid's Artist Craft Fair, featuring artists under age 16! Your purchases will support Tacoma's young artists. Participating artists include:

Alana Roberts [age 8] [Terrariums!]

Ameon Piersing [age 10] Spin Art Factory [Spin art designed for small frames]

Anna Smith [age 12] of Hummingbird Designs [stenciled bags] 

EJ Lamoreux [age 9] aka Infinite EJ [Necklaces and key chains]

Ellis Mickelson [age 10] [baked goods]

Hana Mullen [age 11] of & Beni Mullen [age 8] aka BENI THE AWESOME MAMMAL [3D doodled miniatures]

Helena Pollitz [age 12] [Hand-sewn bags and accessories]

Jada McCurdy, Loren Jones, Annabelle Johnson [all 13] of Fab Friends [handmade art, magnets, and keychains]

Katelyn Galloway [age 12] & Gretchen Bonea [age 12] of Driftwood Soaps [handmade soaps]

Kian Anderson-Caffee [age 11] & Anneliese Anderson-Caffee [age 13] of DIY Kids Kraft Corner [Wands]

Leila Estrada [age 13] of Crochetology

Naomi Roberts [age 10] [Photography]

Phoebe Darling [age 8] [Original artwork]

Winter Hazel Ophelia Mimura [age 9] of Queen Bookmarks [Handmade Bookmarks, paintings & drawings]


Tacoma Is For Lovers is a community-based organization that annually produces Artist Craft Fairs in order to promote the visibility of local artists and encourages reuse, intentionality, sustainability and high craft. 

Event address: 
King's Books
218 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402