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Should've Been Dead: Lessons from a Crack Addict Who Broke Free (Hardcover)

Should've Been Dead: Lessons from a Crack Addict Who Broke Free By Sweta Patel, Rory Londer Cover Image
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An example of how, at any point, we each have the power to say, "This is not how the story ends." And Rory proves it.

"Just to warn you, he swears. A lot." I prepped my high school class for tomorrow's speaker. "He had a crack addiction, was living on the streets, and ended up buying the same laundromat he used to rest in. He turned it into a million-dollar business." "What? No way How'd he do that?""You'll have to wait for his answer."

After seventeen years of chasing after crack cocaine, Rory Londer was crushed by failure. He had loving parents and was on honor roll lists, but addiction is a switch that can flip inside anyone. He had eaten food from the trash bin and starved in ten-degree weather, trying to collect quarters for one more hit. Now he's a millionaire, but this story is not a rags-to-riches tale. It's about emerging from the shadows of guilt and shame.

This collection of twelve lessons from Rory's life is a guide to feeling like a disappointment, finding yourself, and then fighting for the life you want. High school teacher, Sweta Patel, interviewed Rory over two years to capture how building connections with others saved him. And when she brought his techniques to the classroom to connect with the hard-to-reach student, it was clear, his lessons aren't for the addict alone.

Discover a deeper understanding of Should've Been Dead with these exclusive extras included in the back of the book:

  • Book Club Conversation Starters: Engage in meaningful discussions with friends or your book club using ten conversation starters. Explore the themes, characters, and key points of Should've Been Dead.
  • Chapter-by-Chapter In-Depth Discussion Questions: Delve into the heart of the story with more comprehensive chapter-by-chapter discussion questions. Dissect pivotal moments and memorable quotes, and find personal connections within the narrative.

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ISBN: 9798989170012
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Publication Date: January 15th, 2024
Pages: 292
Language: English