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Product Of The Street Union City Book 3 (Paperback)

Product Of The Street Union City Book 3 By E. Bowser Cover Image
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Fransisco 'Faxx' Wellington saw Crescent at Myth and knew she would become his obsession.

Their connection created a soul tie he wasn't prepared for. But secrets and hidden agendas reveal themselves, leaving Faxx teetering on the edge of darkness that only Cresent can pull him from.

Crescent 'Cent' Johnson is questioning the authenticity of her connection with Fransisco. Deep-seated doubts and insecurities from her past plague her heart, casting a shadow over their vibrant connection. Forced into close proximity with him, it begins to get harder and harder to hide her sordid past. She doesn't want the ghost of her past to show up on his doorstep, but it already looks like she's too late.

Will they be able to deal with their individual demons and prove their connection can stand strong through it all?

Lakyn 'Link' Moore is determined to ensure he forgets all things Mala, but a chance encounter at Myth as the Black Wolf changes everything. Standing before a woman, lying with her hands tied above her head, waiting for him. When he heard the safe word was 'Kite, ' that could be explained away, but when the woman lying before him moaned his name, he knew exactly who lay behind the mask. Payback was the sweetest revenge, and Link would ensure that payback included making Malikita remember the name "The Black Wolf."

Malikita 'Mala' Samuels was living a lie she couldn't escape.

Her heart beats only for Link, a man who had intensely captured her soul when they were teens. Their connection was undeniable, and while their love blossomed, promises were made, only to be broken. At eighteen, Mala found herself trapped in a web of obligations and deceit, torn between her desires and the damning evidence that her now fianc , Charles, held against Link. Mala's heartache grew with each passing day, torn between the love she craved and the fear of the consequences that would bury them.

Will Mala risk it all, defy Charles, and embrace a love that burned with an intensity that could never be extinguished? Or will she sacrifice her own happiness to keep the man she loves safe?

*** This book contains explicit language, graphic violence, and strong sexual content. It is intended for adults. ***

Product Details
ISBN: 9798987614860
Publisher: Ebony Bowser
Publication Date: October 5th, 2023
Pages: 448
Language: English