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All the Empty Houses (Paperback)

All the Empty Houses By Alexander Fedderly Cover Image
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Alexander Fedderly's debut novel is a "deeply resonating tale capturing the fragility of the systems that should protect us (but don't) and the uncontrollable twists of fate that wreck the best-laid plans" (Anthony Durham, author of These Quiet Years).

ALL THE EMPTY HOUSES tells the story of Christopher James, an ex-soldier back from the war in 2008. The America he's come home to feels different than the one he left. Smart phones, social media, two-day shipping... and he can't find a simple tank of gas Something isn't right. Everything feels too connected somehow. The supply chains are too fragile. He decides to prepare for the worst, gathering food, weapons, and supplies. Only the prepared will survive when it all comes crashing down, and he plans on surviving. He's meticulous, he's trained, and he has everything he needs for the end of the world. Surely there's nothing he's overlooked, no fatal flaw in his strategy. No way in hell.

"Mr. Fedderly's debut effort, All the Empty Houses, is a biting apocalyptic tale that tests the edge of sanity for the reader by preying on what we fear most: being paranoid and alone among the unknown. Fedderly kept me on the edge of my seat while I navigated the frightening landscape and shadowy characters of Empty Houses. Fedderly is a smart writer with a fresh voice; if you love Cormac McCarthy's The Road, Empty Houses is a must a read" (Mike Figliola, author of The Slow Midnight on Cypress Avenue).

"All the Empty Houses has such a wonderful, redemptive character arc, reminding us that maybe there is hope for humanity after all" (J.Z. Pitts, author of Two Graves & In the Pale Blue Light).

"Fedderly's All the Empty Houses is a gritty look at human nature, the good and the bad. A compelling tale of what it means to be human in a world turned upside down" (Ginger Schenck, author of The Birthing Tree series).

"All the Empty Houses isn't your typical dystopian novel. It dares to break both comfort zones and survivalist choices with community and hope. It is an excellent entry in the genre of Hopepunk" (Jeff Beesler, author of Interstellar Dad).

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985668902
Publisher: Alexander J. Fedderly
Publication Date: March 14th, 2022
Pages: 338
Language: English