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Kinky Tails: Josh Gon' Learn Today (Paperback)

Kinky Tails: Josh Gon' Learn Today By Goddess Inkwell Cover Image
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He thought he was just going to hitch a ride and take

advantage of these helpless young ladies... little did he know these ladies had a surprise for him

Josh is a newly "self-emancipated" young man from a

"vacation" in Huntsville Texas. As he hitches a ride back to civilization, he cannot believe his luck when two

gorgeous women offer him a ride, a meal ....and more

  • Will he be able to control his unbridled newly emancipated desire for these women?
  • What happens if they have more than a little surprise

for him?

Offering as an introduction for some to the world of BDSM, this graphic novel, with emphasis on graphics, gives a

colorful and humorous peek into this fascinating world of one possibility in black kinky dynamics.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798985495508
Publisher: ABC Bodyart Inc
Publication Date: May 1st, 2022
Pages: 54
Language: English