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Sober for Life: The Most Effective Guide on How to Achieve Sobriety, Ridding Oneself of Alcoholism, and Learning to Rebuild a Life of (Paperback)

Sober for Life: The Most Effective Guide on How to Achieve Sobriety, Ridding Oneself of Alcoholism, and Learning to Rebuild a Life of By Richard Banks Cover Image
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Do you feel that alcoholism is taking over your life and destroying your relationships?

Is alcohol addiction causing you to feel depressed and lose interest in life?

Would you like to achieve sobriety and become the best version of yourself?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, keep reading ...

You are not the only one. Alcohol addiction takes a hold of many people. Such individuals become vulnerable and it gradually leads them on a self-destructive path. If the situation is not remedied, these people lead substandard lives, below their potential, ridden by disease, and estranged from others. Sometimes the outcome of their addiction is worse. Some of these addicted persons attempt to recover but give up soon thereafter.

Alcohol addiction is real. But it is also a condition that can be recovered from. The important thing to internalize is that it is a process that takes time. But if you are committed and disciplined to follow a proven path, you can overcome it. And once you beat alcohol addiction, your life will change for the better and you will transform into a radiant and positive person. This guide was specifically written as a holistic and step-by-step manual to accompany you in your journey in seeking freedom from alcohol addiction.

Here is what else you'll learn in this wonderful book:

  • Know what is alcoholism, when it becomes a problem, what effects it has on your life, and why you need a life free from addiction
  • Building a support system of resources and people, forming reasonable expectations, taking note of challenges that you will face along the way
  • Mapping your journey, and preparing to take the first step, how to develop a positive mindset, and ensure that you stay the course without relapsing
  • Setting practical goals and executing on them, and along the way developing habits that will strengthen your resolve and keep your energy levels high
  • Learning to maintain your momentum when you begin to get results, and continuously keep visualizing your goal to stay motivated

... and much more

You may have heard the phrase that almost anything is possible if you pursue it with courage and determination. It is true. You can beat alcoholism. The greatest obstacle that you face is knowing how to do it consistently until you have won the battle. It is not easy, but with this guide you will develop a solid foundation with a proven framework.

The one thing you need to understand and always remember is that YOU CAN ACHIEVE SOBRIETY. This guide was written to be your constant companion, helping to nudge you along and make things easier for you.

So, click the "Buy now" and prepare to beat alcohol addiction and change your life and relationships for the better

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ISBN: 9798985090437
Publisher: Nxt Level International
Publication Date: January 6th, 2022
Pages: 182
Language: English