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Our Deepest Roots: Navigating Past Trauma To Build Healthier Queer Relationships (Hardcover)

Our Deepest Roots: Navigating Past Trauma To Build Healthier Queer Relationships By Jen Towns Cover Image
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Having trauma is hard. Being in a relationship is hard. Having to navigate trauma histories while being in a queer relationship in today's society is really freaking hard Trauma changes us-our sense of safety, our beliefs about ourselves and the world, and even our body chemistry. However, it is possible to identify it, explore it, and work through it to create healthier and more positive relationships. It is possible to develop compassion for yourself and your partner(s), to better understand various reactions and responses. And it is possible to work individually and together to get everyone's needs met, while also holding space for each other's journey.

In Our Deepest Roots: Navigating Past Trauma to Build Healthier Queer Relationships, Dr. Jen Towns shares stories from her own personal and professional experiences to explore how trauma in childhood or adulthood, combined with being part of the queer community, can impact intimacy, attachment, and our everyday interactions with those closest to us. By noticing the underlying attachment needs that drive our emotions and somatic reactions, we can be more aware of our patterns, better understand ourselves and our partners, and open the door to enhanced communication and compassion. Dr. Towns offers a guide to pull back the curtain and clear the path to deeper connections, intimacy, and healing.

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ISBN: 9798887970387
Publisher: Publish Your Purpose
Publication Date: May 29th, 2023
Pages: 266
Language: English