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Emptying the Soul (Paperback)

Emptying the Soul By Irma Jaramillo Cover Image
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In her collection of poetry titled Emptying the Soul, Irma Jaramillo takes us inside the world of modern women, who are not exempt from passion or concerns whose resolutions occasionally cause us to reevaluate the existence and significance of human emotions.
Poems like Where Does Love Go? and Does Love Hurt? express this need to provide an explanation for the uncertainties we feel when we give ourselves over to love without fully understanding why.
Poems such as Where Does Love Go? or Does Love Hurt? manifest that concern to answer the doubts weighed within us when, without really understanding why, we surrender to love.
The reader will find in this book a direct style, stripped of euphemisms that conceal the words, while enjoying in each verse, poetry that springs up, especially when Jaramillo opens her soul and lets her feelings flow in a tone at times demanding, at times leaving it at the simple mercy of the kiss.
These poems were written from the soul, composed in freestyle, not tied to the rules of rhyme and meter dictated by other poetic compositions; However, the inner musicality of her poems vibrates in each expression and marks the rhythm of the word and the verse.
Each one of the poems introduced by the author to us in Emptying the Soul is her way of addressing the human issues concerning women. Love, heartbreak, resilience in the face of disappointment, and the blows of life are present in this book.
The painful and sometimes daily waiting for what is meant by love, for what it is pursued, as perfect love and its overwhelming consequences, is another one of the topics that the author deals with in this book.
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ISBN: 9798856236575
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 6th, 2023
Pages: 154
Language: English