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Bible Verses Addictions: Highly Functional (Paperback)

Bible Verses Addictions: Highly Functional By Gregory L. Madison Cover Image
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Bible Verses Addictions: Highly Functional explores the values that are found in 2 Peter Chapter One for exposing and disposing addictions. Peter reveals the source of true and lasing sobriety as he explains how all those who belong to Christ become "partakers of the divine nature." This is what allows us to become highly funcitional in a way that is most pleasing to God and most useful to others. Highly Functional explains how the qualities promoted by Peter are relevent to sobriety (as with thier counterparts.) Peter mentions that if these qualities are in us and increasing then we would never fall. For those of us who struggle with addictions, Peter promises that if we possess these qualties we will not relapse. One of the greatest values that Peter emphasizes is that everything he tells his readers is trustworthy and supported by the Word of God. This is especially important in an age that tries to find the answers to addictions through inconclusive science while ignoring what the Scriptures state with clarity for all who would humble themselves before God. The cover makes a distinction between being useful and useless. While engaging in addiction, we render ourselves useless (or at least not as much use to God and others.) Lest anyone misunderstand, I want to explain the difference between uselessness and worthlessness. Nobody is worthless, but many are useless. God has made you of great worth. Each one of us is priceless. It is we who determine how useful we are. Highly Functional is comprised of six sections that explain the dynamics of how an awe-factory is built. An awe-factory is a heart that is so much in awe of God that anything external doesn't matter except drawing others into awe. The most spectacular feature of 2 Peter besides Peter's recollection of the magnificence of Christ (that he was privileged to observe in person) is the magnificence of every follower of Christ's as a partaker of the divine nature. It is through partaking of the divine nature that we become awe-factories like Christ Peter's answers should not be taken lightly He walked with Christ. He proved his devotion by sacrificing his very life. You can read of Peter's devotion to Christ in the Gospels as well as in the book of Acts. Many reliable sources tell us that Peter was so much in awe of the Lord that he requested that his tormentors crucified him upside down because he did not count himself worthy to die in the same manner that Christ did. Architecture that meets the approval of God has a blueprint that is drawn in the image of Christ. Is there anything more glorious? What does absolute soundness and sobriety look like? Jesus is the answer But, sound architecture is not just the image of Christ, but rather a partnership with Christ.
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Publication Date: October 14th, 2020
Pages: 146
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