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Dialectical Behavior Therapy: What You Need to Know About DBT and a Simple Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Paperback)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy: What You Need to Know About DBT and a Simple Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy By Heath Metzger Cover Image
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If you've always wanted to understand and manage your intense emotions and really want them to get the best out of you, then keep reading...

Two manuscripts in one book:
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy: An Essential DBT Guide for Managing Intense Emotions, Anxiety, Mood Swings, and Borderline Personality Disorder, along with Mindfulness Techniques to Reduce Stress
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Simple CBT Guide to Overcoming Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, Worry and Depression along with Tips for Using Mindfulness to Rewire Your Brain
Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a clinically tested and proven technique that can improve an individual's ability to manage mental or emotional disorders.

The four simple principles DBT is based on include mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and regulation of emotions.

This means you can effectively regulate intense emotions and reactions without compromising on the quality of life you wish to lead.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has become one of the best methods of psychotherapy for treating several mental health problems.

Although it is a relatively new method of treatment, it has gained popularity among many experts around the world.

In part 1 of this book you'll discover:
  • The meaning and history of DBT.
  • The core principles of DBT.
  • DBT and mindfulness.
  • Tips to overcome OCD using DBT and mindfulness.
  • DBT techniques to deal with anxiety and stress.
  • Mindful tips to tackle panic attacks.
  • Taming borderline personality disorder with DBT.

In part 2 of this book you'll discover:
  • The three meditation techniques to help foster CBT
  • The four things you should know about stopping a panic attack with mindfulness
  • Why trying to reject thoughts is hurting your progress-and what to do instead
  • How to reach mental and emotional wellness without sacrificing your comfort zone
  • How to save time with just one straightforward change in your routine
  • A cool trick used by Jon Kabat-Zinn which helps you rewire your brain
  • The biggest mistake people make when having a panic attack
  • The three best therapies to help you with your mental health journey
Take a second to imagine how you'll feel once you can finally learn to constructively regulate your intense emotions and reactions, and how your family and friends will react when they see you leading a happier and healthier life.

So, even if you're struggling to understand your emotions, or you use unhealthy coping mechanisms, you can finally learn to manage and overcome behavioral disorders and intense emotions by using the practical tips given in this book.

And if you have a burning desire to regain control of your life and lead a life that's free from stress, anxiety, or depression, then scroll up and click "Add to Cart" now.
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