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All That Glitters (Paperback)

All That Glitters By Cocahantas D Cover Image
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A wise woman once described the phrase "all that glitters, is not gold" to a T. She said, it is to wear a mask or to dress a thing up to disguise the true nature; to discover the rusty brass underneath the gold plate." well, its 2017 and equally luscious best friends Ny'Eila a.k.a Eila and Ta'Lieq a.k.a Leaks, are now 27 years old and already veteran strippers at Club Roses, dancing there every weekend since they were teenage girls. They would often audition at other clubs as means to get earn extra bucks when their club was slow. Making them known in many cities in New York. For some reason, they made big bank at brand new clubs. But they never wanted to stay. They were on the search for new money when Leaks heard about Club Reigning Jewels. The infamous strip club located in the heart of Seneca Falls, Ny known for their high ranked clientele, high turn overs and highly addictive lifestyles. As they were getting their "fun bags" (weed and ecstasy) for the road, their brother from another mother, gave them a half ass warning about the club right before they left. The girls were suspicious, but weren't concerned. This is what they did for cash they knew the game. They thought he was being paranoid because they'd be alone three and a half hours away. Things were all good... until, they changed. This, was supposed to be fun. A quick money trip like all the ones before. but half truth is false information. and the girls were in over their heads before either of their stubborn eyes could notice. Sober, cold, half-naked and chained to a strange balcony in late November, did one drunken, ecstasy riddled decision lead to the capture of their freedom? I mean, they were just trying to have fun and make money. did it really have to end like this?
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ISBN: 9798571246071
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 2nd, 2021
Pages: 248
Language: English