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Love's Miracles in the Misery (Paperback)

Love's Miracles in the Misery By Kara Marlene Cover Image
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In this truly inspirational memoir, Kara Marlene relates how, after her Childhood Near Death Experience, she witnessed a series of miraculous events in her life, inspired by what others would call a god(s), Gaia, spirit, the universe, or even the power of the mind. But she can only call Love. These miracles include hearing the audible voice of the Divine as premonitions before the deaths of her loved ones teaching her joy in grief. The miraculous and instantaneous healing of third generation genetic bilateral breast cancer. And many other times Love has saved her from death. She also overcame and thrived from the setbacks of life since she was a child, by having the ability to see the fingerprints of Love in the trauma and tragedy she faced. Kara hopes to encourage all who read her book to cultivate a strong connection with the divine, trusting its guidance and following what it brings to live a life of true freedom. Because she knows what it is like to struggle to forge her own path in a world with its unrealistic expectations. In Love's Miracles in the Misery, Kara freely shares what she has learned about the true magic of life and the awe and wonder that can be experienced as a human being. This is a book that definitely makes the case that miracles are real, the Divine is much closer and powerful than we have ever been taught and no matter what we face we can find the meaning of life and our purpose and live the life of our dreams

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ISBN: 9798218314866
Publisher: Km Publishing
Publication Date: November 30th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English