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Skin Deep 3: A Gangsterotica Tale (MP3 CD)

Skin Deep 3: A Gangsterotica Tale By Shaun Sinclair Cover Image
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This is book number 3 in the Skin Deep series.


A famous director murdered. A supermodel reclaiming her throne. A bloody gang war being monitored by the Feds. In the explosive finale to this Gangsterotica trilogy, everything comes to a head.

After the death of her boyfriend, K. Mitchell, Makeda discovers H's true identity. Now bound by blood, she and H form a powerful alliance. While Makeda's acting and modeling career is back in full bloom, H is leading his lethal gang, S.K.G., in a bloody turf war for control of the streets of the Southeast. As the bodies (and money) pile up, Makeda becomes the darling of the entertainment industry, but danger lurks at every corner as H's exploits are splashed across headlines all over the country.

As Menelik nears the end of his prison sentence that he took to spare Makeda's life, he is stronger than ever. With a new bombshell wife and a highly lucrative business venture he founded from behind bars, he is poised to live the life of his dreams when he regains his freedom. However, when the media brings news of the ultimate betrayal to his attention, he finds it rather hard to turn away from his past.

Once released, with the lust for revenge burning deep in his chest, Menelik devises a nefarious plan to pay Makeda back for crossing him and leaving him for dead. However, Menelik quickly learns that things aren't so easy as Makeda is now protected by one of the most dangerous men in the nation, his twin brother, Haile.

As the Feds close in on the S.K.G., and Menelik's revenge closes in on Makeda, only one question remains: Is blood thicker than ice?

Product Details
ISBN: 9798212649223
Publisher: Recorded Books, Inc.
Publication Date: September 15th, 2023
Language: English
Series: Skin Deep