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Forgotten Fates: Part One (Paperback)

Forgotten Fates: Part One By Sj Doran Cover Image
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The queen seeks vengeance, the demon craves love. A deal is made.
Amara needs every tool at her disposal to bring her plan to fruition, but summoning a demon comes with a price. One she is not prepared to pay again. She's managed to keep her feelings buried for four hundred years, but now seeing the one she lost face-to-face, she is forced to confront what broke them apart.Cassius spent four centuries as a mindless puppet, serving his father's will, before usurping his father's throne and becoming King of the Hells. He survived, but with no memory of the girl he once loved, and no resemblance to the Demon Prince Amara fell in love with centuries ago. As a former prisoner of Cassius's father, Amara is out for vengeance, but the battle will not be easy. To protect the demon she once loved, she must keep their shared past secret; that task becoming perilous as Cassius grows more suspicious.Together, they'll confront all who've conspired against them, unveiling harsh truths about their past and confronting the challenges the future may hold... should they survive.Will the sword of divine justice revive a tragic love story that never truly came to an end, or will it do as the prophecies foretold, and bring forth the apocalypse?
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ISBN: 9781989330012
ISBN-10: 1989330010
Publisher: Forbidden Realms Novel
Publication Date: June 25th, 2020
Pages: 442
Language: English