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The Care and Feeding of Your Young Employee: A Manager's Guide to Millennials and Gen Z (Paperback)

The Care and Feeding of Your Young Employee: A Manager's Guide to Millennials and Gen Z By Jamie Belinne Cover Image
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Frustrated by the expectations and communication styles of your young employees? Stop losing productivity to disengaged, under-performing, unmotivated, young workers. This books gives simple, proven techniques supported by the author's nearly three decades of research and experiences to motivate, develop and retain high-performing young employees. The majority of the workforce is under 30, so this book explains the essentials of managing young people to increase engagement, productivity and results. The author has used her proven techniques with hundreds of corporations and thousands of young employees to improve communication, motivation, recruiting, retention and understanding among diverse, multi-generational populations in the workforce. With the practices outlined in this easy-to-read guide, you can improve profitability, productivity and retention by better leveraging and managing your young employees. "Jamie joins together practical experience with thoughtful analytics to not only describe the characteristics of those now entering the workforce, but also empathetically prescribe the disciplines required of others to ensure they flourish. She also adeptly details all five generations currently employed, in compelling fashion reminding the reader of the commercial value diversity of thought brings to any setting or sector regardless of birth year." Mark A. Parrish, President & CEO Igloo Products Corp. "Jamie has interviewed thousands of college students and employers to create a book with relevant examples and strategies to engage and retain productive young employees in any organization willing to follow her advice. Her book should be required reading for executive leaders. " Suzan Deison, President & CEO Greater Houston Women's Chamber of Commerce "As the employer of a great number of Gen Z and Millennials, I thought I understood the psyche of my young employees. This book truly helped me to see my employees in a different light. It gave me an appreciation of strengths that I was overlooking. Jamie's insight and advice have allowed me to make immediate and far reaching improvements to our culture and communications. This book can help anyone become a more effective manager of people, young and old." Juliet Breeze, Chief Executive Officer Next Level Urgent Care "Jamie has done an extraordinary job of navigating through the "fact vs. fiction" of the generational workplace. Her insights have been extremely helpful to me in leading a diverse and multi-generational workforce, and have challenged me to think differently. A must read for every leader " Kelly C. Gauger, Vice President Audit Services CenterPoint Energy, Inc. "Jamie's book and wisdom have enabled me to change my actions to adapt to the most creative and productive generations at work." Wendy Nguyen, Audit Partner McConnell & Jones LLP.

About the Author

Jamie Belinne has worked with hundreds of managers and thousands of young people on recruiting and management issues for nearly three decades. During this time, she's seen the impact and challenges of many generations in the workplace. She is currently the Assistant Dean for Career Services at the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston and President of the international MBA Career Services and Employers Alliance. Prior to this, Jamie managed recruiting and staffing at The University of Texas at Austin, where she also built and led the McCombs School of Business's first dedicated MBA Career Services division. Jamie is the 2012 winner of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Professional Change Maker Award for her initiatives around experiential education, and the winner of the 2013 NACE Innovation Excellence Award for Diversity Programming. She has consulted with organizations around the country on intergenerational management issues and productivity improvement, and she is the author of two award-winning textbooks focused on helping young people succeed in the workplace. An avid athlete, Jamie was a member of Team USA 2009 for the ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships and Team USA 2011 for ITU Duathlon World Championships. She is also an IRONMAN, an RRCA-certified run coach, and a mother of a Gen Y son and a Gen Z daughter.
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ISBN: 9781974401413
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 17th, 2017
Pages: 152
Language: English