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Horroricane (Paperback)

Horroricane By Edward Newton Cover Image


BEHIND THE CURTAIN OF ANOMALOUS WEATHER, SOMETHING PROWLS Up north, a snowstorm of unprecedented ferocity descends upon Zukunft Falls, Montana, and the nearby Enchanted Point Ski Resort. Within the blinding whiteness created by the storm, something even more ferocious hunts the refugees as they seek shelter from the raging winds and plummeting temperatures. BENEATH THE RISING FLOODWATERS, SOMETHING LURKS Meanwhile, down south, a storm system forms off the coast of Florida with a speed that defies nature. The Governor quickly rescinds her evacuation order and advises citizens to shelter in place and ride out the storm. But homes and businesses are disappearing, being deconstructed around the terrified residents until they are forced into the open to become potential prey to something from which even the state's most feared predators flee. WITHIN THE CONCEALING DARKNESS, SOMETHING FEASTS Defying the Governor's orders, a disparate group of strangers-a Hollywood-bound teen runaway, a politician, a reporter, an over-the-hill beach bum, a middle-aged gamer, a pair of grad students from the University of Central Florida, among others-band together as circumstances force them to rely on each other as they try to outrun the storm and the predator that hunts them. Who will survive the terror of... HORRORICANE
Product Details
ISBN: 9781947227712
ISBN-10: 1947227718
Publisher: Grinning Skull Press
Publication Date: April 11th, 2022
Pages: 246
Language: English