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Waverly Estate: Ghost Dance (Paperback)

Waverly Estate: Ghost Dance By Mt Maliha Cover Image
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Waverly Estate is a sentinel that looks down from abrupt roof lines above The Hudson River. More than one hundred years after The Revolutionary War, its presence continues to whisper of battles won and lost; of death and vacuous halls and hearts, and of treacherous deeds committed. Its residents are not troubled by the dead alone. Far more ghastly are the living.

It is the year 1858 and Garson, the pitiless master of Waverly, lies dying. A magnificent dome above him boasts paintings of Rene Bonhomme, a French artist who covets more than Garson's wicked wife, Hannah. Death hides in the beauty of both his wife and art, and trickery awaits his last breath. Ancestors compose a chain of errors when they fail to consider Amelia, the long dead daughter of butler James. When crossed, she unleashes ghastly reminders that she is ever present.

Waverly Estate: Ghost Dance is a tale of hope and love that endures beyond mortal existence. It challenges belief in the ever after and explores spaces that bridge life and death.


"Underpinning the fast-paced plot, which did have me staying up too late a few nights, was the insightful commentary on the ties that bind the living to each other, and the living to the dead."
-S.M. Stevens, author of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

"Waverly Estate: Ghost Dance is captivating, interesting and clearly a tale of greed and evil among household servants."
-Rosemary E., 5-Star Reader Review

"You feel the cold and imagine the poignant characters as they mingle and spin their eerie tales in the sad, loveless mansion."
-Tabatha Waybright, author of On Mystic Mountain

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ISBN: 9781946920775
ISBN-10: 1946920770
Publisher: Touchpoint Press
Publication Date: September 26th, 2019
Pages: 212
Language: English