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The Shadow of Seth: A Seth Anomundy Murder Mystery (Seth Anomundy Murder Mysteries) (Paperback)

The Shadow of Seth: A Seth Anomundy Murder Mystery (Seth Anomundy Murder Mysteries) Cover Image


Sixteen-year-old Seth Anomundy is a product of his environment: in this case, Tacoma, Washington. What L.A. was to Chandler, Tacoma--a working-class port city now undergoing urban renewal--is to author Tom Llewellyn.

Seth has grown up in Tacoma's tough neighborhoods, where he's perfectly at home in Choo-Choo's boxing gym and Miss Irene's soul food palace, the Shotgun Shack. With his mom working nights as a cleaner, Seth goes to high school, gets decent grades, and makes money where he can: filling in as cook at the Shotgun Shack, working as a sparring partner, and running errands for Nadel, the clock repairman. Life is hand-to-mouth, but okay--until he gets the news that his mother has been killed.

The police don't care about the death of just another drug addict, so a bewildered Seth takes it upon himself to find the killer. On a clock delivery run, he meets a beautiful rich girl named Azura Lear, who encourages Seth and tries to help track down the killer. But instead of finding answers, Seth finds only trouble. He faces down a gang of baseball-bat-wielding high school jocks and deals with the contempt of Azura's suspicious father. And then there's King George--a teenage thug Seth has previously managed to avoid--who has for some reason let it be known that he wants Seth dead. Right now.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781929345182
ISBN-10: 1929345186
Publisher: Poisoned Pencil
Publication Date: August 4th, 2015
Pages: 186
Language: English
Series: Seth Anomundy Murder Mysteries