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Thrive Beyond Trauma: Coach yourself to move on in a troubled world (Paperback)

Thrive Beyond Trauma: Coach yourself to move on in a troubled world By Keith Nelson Cover Image
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Most people experience trauma during their lifetime. Tragically, if the impact of trauma is not addressed - and it rarely is - its legacy can remain locked in the body. For trauma victims, life simply feels unsafe. Traumatic memories leave an unforgiving cloak of intense anxiety and easily-triggered, unhelpful reactions over a person's thoughts, feelings and physiological responses. These can be a life sentenced. Traumatic events can range from the effects of the pandemic to losing a pet, from fighting in a war to suffering domestic abuse, from witnessing a car accident to experiencing intrusive medical examinations. Trauma strikes deep into both body and mind.

That's where Thrive Beyond Trauma: Coach yourself to move on in a troubled world steps in and offers a more optimistic future. This practical and understandable book guides readers along their personal roads to recovery. It blends real-life stories, down-to-earth advice and a range of personal activities that the reader can undertake. It is presented in an easy-to read style that befriends the reader. It is the trauma sufferer's companion and guide to a better life.

Divided into sections, the journey starts with an understanding of the impact and legacy of trauma. Many people are simply unaware of how deeply they are affected by trauma They continuously experience triggers that can have a devastating impact on their relationship with others, both at home and at work.

Drawing upon the author's own experiences and citing works from experts in trauma, this book shows how trauma victims might know what to do, but suffer from repeated emotional and physiological hijacks.

Acceptance and awareness are some of the foundations that enable the start of the recovery journey. Also crucial at these early stages are a desire to move forwards and the support of others.

The book then shows how people can move through grief and traumatic memories and start to set the scenery for their better lives. These help readers liberate themselves from the chains of their past and move forwards to greater fulfilment.

The final sections explore personal growth and transformation. There are so many practical activities that people can do to move on. Added to these are vital inputs on how to 'be': how to inhabit their bodies and how to be in life - whether with other people or through personal activities. Combining what people 'do' and how they can 'be' leads to who they can 'become' - often, much more than they might have imagined. Ultimately, they are able to fulfil more of their potential and live happier and more deeply satisfying lives.

The message of this book is that 'you are not alone'. The real-life stories of trauma sufferers will resonate with readers and author Keith Nelson draws not only upon his 25 years' experience as a coach, but also shares his personal traumatic experiences.

Trauma is isolating. This friendly, easy-to-read book is an authentic companion to trauma sufferers that will inspire them to move onwards in their lives. With this book, the reader is not alone. With this book, we will be ok.

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Publication Date: July 14th, 2022
Pages: 390
Language: English