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Making Friends with Anxiety: A warm, supportive little book to help ease worry and panic (Paperback)

Making Friends with Anxiety: A warm, supportive little book to help ease worry and panic By Sarah Rayner Cover Image
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Does anxiety have a hold on you and your life? Do panic and worry tend to dominate every moment? You're not alone - Making Friends with Anxiety is here to help.

In this friendly and supportive little book, bestselling author Sarah Rayner draws on her own experience of living with an anxiety disorder and shares the life-changing coping techniques that have helped her manage her anxiety and panic at home, at work and in all areas of life.

Packed with bite-size tips, this must-have handbook has already helped thousands of anxiety sufferers across the world.Sarah takes you by the hand as a friend and explains what causes worry and panic to become such a problem for many of us, including:

  • The seven elements that commonly contribute to anxiety, from negative thinking to fear of the future.
  • How our bodies physically respond to stress and worry, and how to calm yourself down during a panic attack.
  • Tips on how to be kind to yourself when you're having a difficult time, and how to be your own best friend in times of stress.

If you suffer from panic attacks and anxiety, or simply want to spend less time worrying, Making Friends with Anxiety will be your friend in times of need, helping you to feel calmer and happier every day.

Read what everyone is saying about Making Friends with Anxiety:

'Perfect little book that helped me understand what my anxiety entails... better than any therapy session ' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Loved this book ... Thank you, Sarah, wish you were my friend.' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Amazing... This book made me feel that I was not alone in dealing with anxiety... provided many light-bulb moments for me... great advice and techniques.' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Fantastic. Wonderful.' Amazon reviewer 5 stars

'Positive, uplifting, realistic and practical. Helped to calm me and give me things to do instantly... Made me feel normal, safe and more in control at a time in my life when it felt like I was slipping under. Written in a supportive and compassionate way, easy to understand and full of 'aha moments' for me.' Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

'Simple, lucid advice on how to accept anxiety.'Matt Haig, Sunday Times bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive

Product Details
ISBN: 9781803145983
ISBN-10: 1803145986
Publisher: Thread Books
Publication Date: June 15th, 2022
Pages: 210
Language: English