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Crushed to the Bone (Paperback)

Crushed to the Bone By Ed J. Thompson Cover Image
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Sometimes it hurts to breathe...

From an early age, Dale Johnson determined in his heart that he would make a real life for himself. Even more than the poverty and neglect, he hated the suffocating feelings of brokenness and inferiority.

Dale's life changed dramatically when he started dating Lizzy in middle school. She introduced him to a world that he had only dreamed about- one where people truly cared about each other and loved God. Lizzy was from a different background, and he adored her. Her love made him a true believer, and he was on top of the world the day she became his wife.

But life has a way of mercilessly stripping many people of their hopes and dreams with its trials and storms. And when Lizzy was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Dale, already feeling depressed and dejected, began to doubt everything he thought he ever knew, including the meaning of life and the goodness of God. Why would anyone choose God only to end up a sad, broken mess?

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ISBN: 9781792373428
ISBN-10: 1792373422
Publisher: Ed J. Thompson
Publication Date: May 16th, 2022
Pages: 336
Language: English