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Cats in Art (Hardcover)

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Kittehs. As a former historian and art critic, this book gives the kittehs the attention we deserve. So interesting. So striking. So worshipful. Impress me, impressionists! Bow down, Banksy! [Herbert]

— From Cats In Art


The cat--that most graceful, stubborn, and agile of animals--has been a favorite subject of artists the world over from prehistory to the modern day. A spectacular 7,000-year-old engraving in Libya depicts a catfight. Figures modeled by the Babylonians remind us of their belief that the souls of priests were escorted to paradise by a helpful cat. Pablo Picasso was known to have loved cats and famously portrayed them as savage predators. In Victorian times, cats were depicted in loving family groups with mothers caring for their playful kittens. Today, the cat is one of the most popular domestic pets on the planet, and feline art is a hugely popular theme across the world.

In his latest eye-catching book, best-selling author Desmond Morris tells the compelling story of cats in art. He explores feline art in its many forms, tracing its history from ancient rock paintings and spectacular Egyptian art to the work of old masters, avant-garde representations, and the depiction of cats in cartoons. Morris discusses the various ways in which artists have approached the subject throughout history, weaving illuminating stories with rarely seen images. The result is a beautifully illustrated book that will delight anyone with a Kitty, Max, or Tigger in their life.

About the Author

Desmond Morris is a world-renowned zoologist and television presenter and the author of many best-selling books on human and animal behavior. He is the author of four books in Reaktion's Animal series.
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ISBN: 9781780238333
ISBN-10: 1780238339
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2017
Pages: 224
Language: English