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The Delusion of Cinderella (Paperback)

The Delusion of Cinderella By Kym Whitley Cover Image
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A young woman's obsession with her lover drives her into an emotionally destructive path. She learns the hard way that Cinderella is a fairytale.

Jade, a self-assured young woman becomes mesmerized by the instant chemistry she has with her first lover and first orgasm. Months of intense sexual encounters with Dre lead her to believe that he is her Prince Charming but after a romantic trip to Catalina Island, he suddenly disappears, and Jade has a mental breakdown.

Rushing to be by her side, Jade's childhood best friend Monica arrives promising to help Jade recover. Monica becomes distracted in her own relationship with a wealthy but abusive trust fund baby. Unable to deal with the physical abuse of Shawn, Monica uncovers his dirty secret and all hell breaks loose.

Jade and Monica endlessly spin their wheels trying to resolve their illusion of a perfect man by becoming the saving grace for each other. As the destructive lives of these women overlap their friendship, they find one thing in common: sex is different from love but true friendship can overcome anything.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781732365988
ISBN-10: 1732365989
Publisher: Joyce's Joy
Publication Date: August 14th, 2018
Pages: 304
Language: English