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2034: Book One: Sliding Doors (Paperback)

2034: Book One: Sliding Doors By Matthew Barasch Cover Image
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2022 - Roe v. Wade has finally fallen. A President twice elected by a minority of the population under questionable circumstances continues to push through a deeply partisan agenda. California Governor George Beachum decides that the only remaining course of action for his state is a vote to secede from the Union and to plot a more liberal course. The United States is on a collision course with anarchy.2034 - California and much of the East Coast remain in a constant state of martial law. Larry Stabler is awoken by the sound of gunfire outside his Los Angeles apartment, which sets off a chain reaction of events that plunges the mysterious Stabler into a conspiracy with designs on taking down the government.Did you ever wonder how the events of the past few years might play out over the next several decades? 2034 weaves together three decades of fact and fiction to pre-suppose where this all might be heading. Interweaving real events of the past 30-years with the potential course of events over the next several years, 2034 imagines a United States at war with itself and a global world order in a state of flux as the former "policeman of the world" struggles under the weight of its second Civil War.In Book One of the trilogy, a lone man, who has been struck repeatedly by the hand of fate, must decide whether he wants to remain anonymous or once again play his part in the future course of the country he once honorably defended.
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ISBN: 9781729032671
ISBN-10: 1729032672
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 24th, 2018
Pages: 404
Language: English