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Faust (Paperback)

Faust By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Cover Image
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Rare edition with unique illustrations and elegant classic cream paper. Based on the fable of the man who traded his soul for superhuman powers and knowledge, it became the life's work of Germany's greatest poet, Goethe. Beginning with an intriguing wager between God and Satan, it charts the life of a deeply flawed individual, his struggle against the nihilism of his diabolical companion Mephistopheles. Part One presents Faust's pact with the Devil and the harrowing tragedy of his love affair with the young Gretchen. Part Two shows Faust's experience in the world of public affairs, including his encounter with Helen of Troy, the emblem of classical beauty and culture. The whole is a symbolic and panoramic commentary on the human condition and on modern European history and civilisation. Includes unique illustrations.
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ISBN: 9781721510429
ISBN-10: 1721510427
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 17th, 2018
Pages: 178
Language: English