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Silenced Dreams (Paperback)

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MAXIMILLIANO GIOVANI De'ANGELO is no coward, yet he fears for his life when the vengeful threatening notes of a deranged fugitive, who is believed to have murdered Max's wife, become more real than fantasy. It's been years, yet Max still believes he no longer has what it takes to be the inspired musical artist he'd once been before that horrible night. Now strange things start happening, and he's not sure who is responsible, the ghost of his late wife or a sick and twisted murderer seeking revenge. In secreted refuge, he flees in hopes to regain a true sense of self again.Discarded as being unlovable, and too strange to be worth the effort, LAUREN ROBERTS has decided she doesn't need another man in her life if they can't accept her love and uniqueness. Afraid some of what she'd been told could be true, she begins to look within herself for answers, and finds the truths she has been seeking as she begins to blossom with her connection to a higher realm of existence. Though, when the mysterious and handsome carpenter, comes to help with some unexpected repairs, Lauren begins to see the ever elusive love she's dreamed of all of her life may not be so far away. Soon, she starts to believe he can fix more than just her leaky roof.Max soon finds his squelched dreams reignited by the seductively vivacious Lauren, who unknowingly captures his heart, and inspires him to fight to reclaim the life he deserves. But, the demented murderer has found him again, and Max must decide if he will run or stand up to face his fears.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781705401095
ISBN-10: 1705401090
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: November 7th, 2019
Pages: 372
Language: English