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Refined.: The Fast Track to Becoming the Faithful Conscious Creator of Your Life (Paperback)

Refined.: The Fast Track to Becoming the Faithful Conscious Creator of Your Life By Alisha Bradley Cover Image
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This book touches on some simple spiritual and scientific processes we can use towards becoming refined and capable of curating the lives of our own design. Alisha's goal for everyone reading this is to help remind you of who you are and the capacity you hold to consciously create your most optimal reality. By the end of this book, Alisha guarantees you'll feel a sense of deeper faith, expanded creativity, higher awareness of the energetics of your mind and body and a clearer pathway towards the magical life you're actively creating! She includes easily implementable tools and exercises that you can use for years to come. Are you ready to become refined?

About the Author

Alisha Bradley is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach and CEO of ReFind You, her coaching, and consulting company she launched over ten years ago. She has an MA in Clinical Psychology, a BA in Education and Life Coaching and Image Consulting certifications. She utilizes brain science, psychology, spirituality, and sensory activations to help individuals develop new positive mental, emotional, and behavioral habits that are aligned with the life they truly desire to experience.
She's been coaching for over a decade and has various online educational tools for those interested in diving deeper into work.

Her YouTube channel has gained over 650,000 views and almost 10 million impressions. She's best known for her powerful "activations", including sleeping and waking meditations, guided visualizations, subliminal affirmation tracks and motivating informational videos designed to assist individuals with quickly shifting their undesirable thinking, emotional and behavioral habits using the power of mind control, creativity, and intuitive guidance.

Her current program, "The Accelerated Godfidence Clinic" is her highest-level intensive program that assists individuals with rapidly shifting and up-leveling their lives within 77 days! To learn more about her program visit

YouTube: @ReFind You
IG: @ReFindYou
TikTok: @ReFindYou
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ISBN: 9781667863092
ISBN-10: 1667863096
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: October 26th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English