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Spirit Speaker: A Medium's Guide to Death and Dying (Paperback)

Spirit Speaker: A Medium's Guide to Death and Dying By Salicrow Cover Image
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A compassionate and straightforward guide to the spiritual process of death and spirit communication

• Answers the most common questions asked by the author’s clients over her decades of work as a spirit speaker and psychic medium

• Presents simple techniques for helping loved ones cross over and shares practices to honor our beloved dead and connect with ancestral spirits

• Shares thought-provoking stories of spirit contact and synchronicities that occurred for those who had a loved one in the dying process

We are all curious about the mystery of death. Whether facing our own, assisting a loved one in their last days, or grieving the loss of someone dear to us, we all have questions about dying and what happens to our soul after we depart physical form.

In this compassionate and straightforward guide to the spiritual process of dying and what happens after death, psychic medium Salicrow answers the most common questions asked by her clients over her decades of work as a spirit speaker. Seeking to normalize the spiritual aspects of end-of-life care, she explains how active dying exists outside of normal reality, in a state in which the dying person and their caregivers often experience a heightened state of consciousness. Describing how the spirit is separate from the body and continues to exist after death, she shares thought-provoking stories of spirit contact and synchronicities that occurred for those actively involved in the dying process. She reveals how these encounters are common and act as guideposts along the journey into death, helping to ease the transition. She offers simple techniques for helping loved ones who are stuck or struggling to cross over and shares practices designed to help honor our beloved dead and develop living relationships with our ancestral spirits.

Presenting an outline of what may be experienced during the dying process and beyond, Salicrow explores the time when a soul is actively dying or recently departed. She explains the multiple ways spirits reach out to communicate with us and provides a deep understanding of the signs, symbols, and sensations that spirits use to contact us as well as ways to strengthen that connection. She also explores challenging situations such as suicide, murder, and healing unresolved issues with the dead.

Crafted through years of spirit communication sessions, this guide details how the spirit world works while revealing the beauty, healing, and love that exist in death.

About the Author

Salicrow is a witch, Druid, and natural psychic medium who weaves the traditions of her Irish Traveler and Blackfoot heritage with modern magical techniques. With more than 30 years of professional experience in the psychic arts as a spirit channel and seer, she offers readings for individual groups and teaches workshops throughout the United States and internationally. She lives in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Praise For…

“Every once in a while a book comes along that brings the right kind of medicine at just the right moment. Spirit Speaker demystifies spirit contact and gives excellent guidance to anyone seeking to connect to their beloved dead. It’s the book I’ll be recommending to folks who have lost a loved one and want to develop the skills to continue their relationship beyond the veil.”
— Megan Rose, Ph.D., transformational psychologist and author of Spirit Marriage

“This is a book that has been long overdue and whose time has come! Salicrow shows her authentic self and her expertise in every word. She writes in a direct and easy-to-understand manner that makes you feel you are right there with her. Spirit Speaker is a detailed and all-inclusive guide for anyone who wishes to explore the skill or desires to learn what the spirit world is like from both sides of the veil. From current beliefs, communication, and energy exchange to being a death doula, Salicrow writes with firsthand knowledge, and it shows. This book will not disappoint!”
— Cat Gina Cole, author of Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft

Spirit Speaker offers invaluable psychic insight combined with the author’s deep tradition, family ideals, and ancestral knowledge designed to teach us how to keep the connection with our loved ones from beyond the veil. This book presents the death process as hope and understanding, encouraging us to create a sacred practice in which we make time and hold space for our loved ones in spirit. It beautifully and honorably expands the mind as well as the heart and assists the reader to embrace the idea that death touches us all.”
— Suzanne Worthley, author of An Energy Healer’s Book of Dying

“Written from a deep well of experience, respect, empathy, and love for those who are making, or have made, the transition to the spirit world and their beloved families. Throughout this manual of how to care compassionately for the dead and dying, Salicrow weaves personal stories with a lightness that is medicine for a culture that has been taught to fear death.”
— Sierra McFeeters, founder of the Indigenous Roots Institute

“As a death doula educator and home funeral guide, I know that my students are always looking for ways to connect to their own beloved dead and also to help others. Spirit Speaker is invaluable for those seeking deeper connection to the spirit world and to implement ceremony and meaning into their lives. And personally, as a developing Medium, I have found the stories and tips a great resource.”
— Anne-Marie Keppel, author of Death Nesting and founder of Village Deathcare

“Salicrow has written a guide that normalizes the sacredness of death and dying and its connection to the living. Embedded in this book are techniques that explain the importance of daily ancestral work, healing bloodlines, and assisting people during and after passing, including how to work with tragic deaths. This book shows that in order to heal, one must know death, while embracing life.”
— Sonya-Prajna Patrick, Ph.D., death-tending doula, magick/conjure worker, and bone reader

“Salicrow brings knowledge and wisdom to the unimaginable. Through Spirit Speaker, she offers peace to family members and individuals who struggle with grief, shame, guilt, and hopelessness associated with the death of a loved one by natural causes, addiction, suicide, or a traumatic death. Salicrow presents specific and feasible methods that anyone can follow to honor and connect with their loved ones. This book illuminates a path to reclaiming our connection to our deceased loved ones, ancestors, and ourselves. A truly inspiring portrayal of what lies beyond the veil.”
— Terri Mayer Thomsen, MAC, LADC, addiction specialist in private clinical practice, Reiki master teac

“I will pass along this wise and earthy book to many friends and family—as a genuinely helpful guide to engaging with those on the other side and as an invaluable and urgent reminder that the dead are ready and willing to show us how to live.”
— Perdita Finn, coauthor of The Way of the Rose and author of Take Back the Magic

“Salicrow actively brings the reader on a journey through death and dying, while providing tools to accustom and initiate end-of-life rites of passage within one’s family and community.”
— Damien A. Archambeau, LMT, BCTMB, Reiki and yoga instructor and mystic

"I really enjoyed reading Spirit Speaker. Salicrow’s writing style is very conversational and bright, especially for a topic that some would consider morose. The book was well planned, easy to read, and included both a table of contents and a very specific index. I plan to create my own altar to my ancestors and will also enjoy teaching some of the concepts in this book to my women’s group and clients."
— PJ Spur, Musing Mystical

"In this new short volume, Spirit Speaker, Salicrow writes that she hopes that 'anyone reading it may find a deeper understanding about what happens when we die' and 'how alive our Beloved Dead really are.' Salicrow’s theme throughout this book is one of normalizing the processes of death by encouraging people to do some sort of practice with death on a regular basis. This book is a useful guide."
— Sara R. Diamond,

"This is a good introduction by a practitioner describing how she uses these therapies with the most focus being on the flower essences. The book will give the reader an overview of how alternative therapies are talking about and treating family trauma. The added twist of the author's personal experiences makes this more interesting."
— Larissa Carlson,
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