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Ancestor (Paperback)

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Ancestor By Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward, Matt Sheean (Artist) Cover Image
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When I picked up this graphic novel, I didn’t expect to get pulled into the dystopian story so quickly or deeply! The narrative centers around humanity’s relationship to technology and how we’re flirting with giving up autonomy for the sake of connectivity and “progress.” The nihilist in you will delight at the unexpected plot turns, and the artist in you will be giddy with the overabundance of exceptional artwork. [Christina]

— From Ancestor


In rare lucid moments you see that you are enslaved. You tell yourself that The Service is a helpful interface providing your mind with continual aid and stimulation, but you know it's a lie.

Patrick Whiteside can help you. He doesn't require much: An open mind. Determination. The ability to make sacrifices.

Let Whiteside help you.

From the pages of BRANDON GRAHAM's ISLAND comes the debut science fiction epic by MATT SHEEAN and MALACHI WARD.

Collects "ANCESTOR" from issues 3, 5, 7 and 9 of ISLAND.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781632159236
ISBN-10: 1632159236
Publisher: Image Comics
Publication Date: October 25th, 2016
Pages: 120
Language: English