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Roulette: The Odds on Favorite Strategy (Paperback)

Roulette: The Odds on Favorite Strategy By R. S. Garland Cover Image
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This book is the latest sensation in casino gambling. In the strictest sense imaginable it is about making money. Seasoned players as well as those new to the game will find it easy to adapt to this system. Its author has more than two decades of experience playing the game of roulette. The book addresses the greatest single reason why most people lose while playing roulette, that is, the odds are in the house's favor. It is a strategy that's uncomplicated and easy to learn, presented in a book that is loaded with examples and illustrations. It demonstrates how to improve your odds of winning, shows how to win quickly, and more importantly how to manage your money after you become a winner. Unlike other strategies, the amount of starting cash needed to use the system is relatively small. The results you will achieve using this system will be astonishing and seem downright criminal. One of the key elements of this strategy is progressive betting while protecting your bets as you go through steps in the progression. Can you imagine yourself winning over a thousand dollars in just three spins of the roulette wheel, and doing this with an initial investment of just thirty dollars? We will show you how to be the best possible roulette player you can be. You will thank your lucky stars for having found the strategy contained in this book. While no one can guarantee that you will win every time you enter a casino, nonetheless, having a strategy that works will determine those who will be winners most of the time. We promise, once you have read this book, you will never go back to playing roulette the same old way again.
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ISBN: 9781608624416
ISBN-10: 1608624412
Publisher: E-Booktime, LLC
Publication Date: October 1st, 2012
Pages: 66
Language: English