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The Wierd World of Casino Craps: Winners and Losers (Paperback)

The Wierd World of Casino Craps: Winners and Losers By Louis a. Girifalco Cover Image
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This book is about the game of casino craps; its allure, its superstitions and its truths. It is about luck, chance and systems; about good bets, bad bets, good playing strategies and poor strategies. And it contains an analysis of the odds and the house edge. But it is also about human nature, which is often sharply exposed at the craps tables. I do more than just tell you how to play a sensible game of craps. I include a history of the game, an analysis of why people gamble, and the psychology of craps players. Above all, I stress the importance of mental discipline because it is a lack of discipline that makes most players continual losers. Players often behave in weird and wonderful ways, so I have included stories of what people actually do at the tables. Most craps players are consistent losers because they are ignorant of the basics of the game, and they are caught up in a tangle of emotions while they are playing. They are easy prey for the allure of the high house edge bets that make the casinos so much money. If you will apply the methods in this book and exercise mental discipline, you will greatly improve your game, and greatly increase your chances of winning.

About the Author

I am the University Professor of Materials Science Emeritus at The University of Pennsylvania where I have been a teacher, scholar and administrator from 1961 to 2012. In addition to theoretical solid state physics, I have been interested in a variety of subjects ranging from gravity and the meaning of truth, to religion and science. Writing has always been my avocation. My book on gravity (Oxford University Press) was my first work for a general audience. Now I am self publishing my memoirs, novels and essays via CreateSpace and Kindle. I started with Never Turn Left because it describes my origins and reflects the fact that my family is my highest priority. My latest book is The Weird World of Casino Craps, which describes my adventures into the arena and the mind of the gambler.
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ISBN: 9781536826722
ISBN-10: 1536826723
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: August 21st, 2016
Pages: 166
Language: English