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Egmont (Paperback)

Egmont By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe Cover Image
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Jetter (steps forward, and bends his cross-bow). Soest, Buyck, Ruysum Soest. Come, shoot away, and have done with it You won't beat me Three black rings, you never made such a shot in all your life. And so I'm master for this year. Jetter. Master and king to boot; who envies you? You'll have to pay double reckoning; 'tis only fair you should pay for your dexterity. Buyck. Jetter, I'll buy your shot, share the prize, and treat the company. I have already been here so long, and am a debtor for so many civilities. If I miss, then it shall be as if you had shot. Soest. I ought to have a voice, for in fact I am the loser. No matter Come, Buyck, shoot away. Buyck (shoots). Now, corporal, look out -One Two Three Four Soest. Four rings So be it All. Hurrah Long live the King Hurrah Hurrah.
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ISBN: 9781533111630
ISBN-10: 1533111634
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: May 6th, 2016
Pages: 112
Language: English