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Adult Children of Alcoholics-revised (ACOA-R) Behavior Profile (Paperback)

Adult Children of Alcoholics-revised (ACOA-R) Behavior Profile By Douglas H. Ruben Cover Image
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The ACOA Behavior Profile-Revised is the first standardized screening inventory to measure categories of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) and Adult Children of Family Abuse (ACOFA). Origins of this test emerged from the multicultural community work of forensic evaluations for custody and adult protective services. It is a practitioner-friendly device used in clinical and forensic assessment, and can guide selection of pretreatment goals. Easy-calculated scores informs adult clients (ages 15-70) on why they struggle emotionally in life and how immediate interventions may reverse trajectories of future problems. This 67-item, paper and pencil questionnaire divides into eight sections of operationally defined patterns of ACOAs and ACOFAs. Each question receives a "yes" or "no" reply. Sections divide into Feelings, Relaxed, Loyal, Control, Relations, Drug & Alcohol, Fear, and Parents. Questions evoke responses directly related to experiences in family and interpersonal functioning. Test standardization 1998 included 300 subjects. A second standardization completed in 2010 consisted of 1000 subjects, split in three groups (ACOA, ACOFA, or controlled).Results compellingly showed the clinical application of expanding baseline data on examined subjects, and both the simplification and transformation of their complex symptoms into realistic therapy objectives.
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