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Mystyle Poetry: A Book of Poems (Paperback)

Mystyle Poetry: A Book of Poems By Miguel Gonzalez Cover Image
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There are many words I can use to describe myself and what led to the writing of this poetry book, MyStyle Poetry but I want to use one and that word is, prison. I am not going to sit here and justify anything or say I was wrongfully convicted, blah blah blah but I will say, I, Miguel Gonzalez, spent over a decade trying to get out of a crazy situation; trying to get out of the prison system I put myself into. My words come from behind the wall. I was the one who put in work, I got my hands dirty, fought the police, was involved in riots, gang wars, fights, stabbings, some I got caught for and a lot I got away with. Basically, I put in work and I was and still am respected in the New Jersey prison system. I am not writing this to big myself up, no, in fact I am writing this to state the opposite. I am writing this to state that I been there done that with my head high and my pride intact but all I got out of it, at the end of the day was a longer bid and a few scare's about whether or not I would ever see day light again, the streets again, my freedom. But I am here, free, and I am taking advantage of my freedom to show off my determination to be who I want to be, not who society defines me as; an ex-con. I write to inspire people of my struggle, these poems are real. Whether you can connect or not one thing you can understand is that I like many other people within the prison system are very much alive. And though there are a lot of crazy, evil minded, twisted sort of people behind the wall, there are also those who just want to figure a way out of the system, to get their life together in such a way they do not have to worry about anyone thing, especially the cops knocking down their door or the door of their family member to put them into handcuffs. Life is not easy for most of us, I just want to express a bit of my life in this book of poems, my first book, to say what I meant to say in the best way I know how.
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ISBN: 9781478704065
ISBN-10: 1478704063
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: June 21st, 2013
Pages: 92
Language: English