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The Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love (Paperback)

The Awakening Heart: My Continuing Journey to Love By Betty J. Eadie Cover Image
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Betty J. Eadie's unforgettable bestseller Embraced by the Light described the inspiring story of her near-death experience and its life-changing effects, and influenced the lives of millions of readers worldwide. Now she shares her journey of spiritual awakening...revealing how she has learned to live with the lessons from her experience, unveiling more mysteries of the spirit realm, and offering insights into how we all can live in a world where death need not be feared and we can embrace the simple, profound message of love that unites us all.
The Awakening Heart expands on the invaluable knowledge and insights she has received, giving us more revelations made known to her during her near-death experience and in subsequent visions and visitations, and showing us how the healing power of positive sacred energy can affect and uplift every aspect of our daily lives. Drawing on Betty's own sometimes difficult spiritual awakening following her return to this life, as well as the ennobling experiences share by some of the people she has met on her journeys, The Awakening Heart radiates the strength of unconditional love, helping each one of us to seek and find the light of God within us.
Betty's message of love is elemental: when we truly serve others, we grow spiritually. The Awakening Heart is an exciting inner adventure and a moving personal quest that will help us open our hearts, light our own spiritual paths, and infinitely strengthen our ability to love and be loved.

About the Author

Betty J. Eadie is the author of the New York Times #1 bestselling book Embraced By the Light. Her first book written, Embraced By the Light, became a permanent fixture on bestselling lists throughout the world, printing well over 5,000,000 copies. Now on her second book, The Awakening Heart, Betty is supported by her eight children and eleven grandchildren and she will be celebrating her thirty-third year of marriage with her husband Joe. Betty and Joe still reside in Seattle where they are raising little Betty, who is now sixteen years of age.
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ISBN: 9781451686562
ISBN-10: 1451686560
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: January 16th, 2012
Pages: 256
Language: English