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The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself (Paperback)

The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself By Eric Pearl Cover Image
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A revolutionary expert in energy medicine and alternative therapies “offers interesting and fresh insight into the dynamics of healing” (Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success)

Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings reported by the patients of Dr. Eric Pearl? What does it mean when these patients report the sudden disappearance of afflictions such as cancer, AIDS, and cerebral palsy? And what does it mean when people who interact with Dr. Pearl report a sudden ability to access this healing energy not just for themselves—but for others, too? What is this phenomenon?

Well, you might have to reconsider everything you’ve read up until now about conventional healing. The new frequencies of healing described by Dr. Pearl transcend technique entirely and bring you to levels beyond those previously accessible to anyone, anywhere. This book takes you on Eric Pearl’s journey from the discovery of his ability to heal, to his well-deserved reputation as the instrument through which this process is being introduced to the world. But most important, The Reconnection reveals methods you can use to personally master these new healing energies.

About the Author

Dr. Eric Pearl walked away from one of the most successful chiropractic practices in Los Angeles when he and others started witnessing miraculous healings. Since that time, he has committed himself to imparting the light and information of the reconnective healing process through extensive lectures and seminars about The Reconnection.

Praise For…

“Reconnecting to Source is the secret to all healing. Eric explains how to do this as well as anyone I’ve read.”
—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, bestselling author of Ask and It Is Given and Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

“Eric is an amazing man with the superb gift of healing. Read this book and be transformed!”
—John Edward, psychic medium and author of Crossing Over and After Life

“When I first received The Reconnection, I sat down and read it cover to cover in one evening. I was enthralled. It reads like a goodnovel. But, unlike a novel, this book is the truth—the truth about a revolutionary new way to heal and be healed that is available to anyone. Filled with humor, insight, and the in-depth understanding and humility that come only with the maturity of a good clinician and scientist, Eric Pearl tells the story of how he became transformed by reconnective energy, and how all of us can do the same. If you’re serious about health and healing, read this book!” 
—Christiane Northrup, M.D., assistant clinical professor of OB/GYN at the University of Vermont College of Medicine and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

“As a physician and a neuro-scientist, I have been trained to know why and how a treatment works. When it comes to Reconnective Healing, I don’t know how it works. I simply know from personal experience that it does. Eric Pearl’s work has been a great gift for me, and through this book, can be the same for you.”
—Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D., author of The Intuitive Advisor
“Many have been waiting decades for what Dr. Eric Pearl has given us in his first book—a new, unique, and elegant way of teaching healing and transformation. The true revelation of his work, however, is that he is giving the secrets away! Not only is this book fun to read, but this intently funny and curious healer really shows the ease in which true energy healing can be recognized and activated within all of us. It’s about time!”
—Lee Carroll, author of the Kryon books and co-author of The Indigo Children

“Dr. Eric Pearl’s The Reconnection is quite simply the best book on transpersonal healing and spirit medicine to appear in years. It is a gift from the Universe and an extraordinarily exciting contribution to the worldwide paradigm shift occurring in our time. If you read only two books this year, make sure that this jewel is one of them.”
—Hank Wesselman, Ph.D., author of Spiritwalker, Medicinemaker, and Visionseeker

“Eric has written a wonderful, thought-provoking, and practical bookon healing. He shares not only his personal insights and experiences with the grace of healing, he also gives useful techniques to bring about the healings we all need in our lives—not only for ourselves, but for others. Eric’s humor and sincerity make this book a MUST-READ.”
Ron Roth, Ph.D., author of Holy Spirit for Healing

This book offers interesting and fresh insight into the dynamics of healing.
—Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of How to Know God
“This is a book that inspires the mind as it comforts the heart and celebrates the healing process. Dr. Pearl’s vision of Reconnective Healing should be read by health-care professionals who wish to foster a higherlevel of healing in their patients and, in the process, heal themselves. The Reconnection should also be read by patients so they can not only heal themselves, but assist in the healing of others—and, through their example, they can inform their conventional physicians about contemporary energy medicine and the healing power of The Reconnection.” 
—Gary E. R. Schwartz, Ph.D., and Linda G. S. Russek, Ph.D., directors of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona

“This is a wonderful book describing the evolution of a doctor-healer, told with wit, humor, and deep insights. Dr. Pearl’s unique stories and experiences leading to the development of Reconnective Healing are both inspirational and moving. Eric Pearl has been given an unparalleled gift of healing, which he passes on to the rest of us. His approach to Reconnective Healing is simple, yet profound in itseffects. It represents a new, nondirected form of energetic healing that goes beyond the formulas, techniques, and mantras that we havehad to work with on this planet until now. I highly recommend it for health-care practitioners, as well as anyone else interestedin awakening their own healing potential.”
—Richard Gerber, M.D., author of Vibrational Medicineand Vibrational Medicine for the 21st Century
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