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Craps (Paperback)

Craps By Meyer Joel Bendavid Cover Image
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Craps - For the beginning or more advanced player Craps is the only casino game offering the best odds for the player. Most players look for the "hot table" where many numbers are being thrown before the 7 appears. Imagine using selective dice settings, and a way of throwing that works toward that goal. If you look at the left side of each die and there is a 66,55, or 44 and you spin to get the 16 combinations, you would get 4 7's. If the left side of each die is a 65,64, or 54 you would find two 7's. Special sets increase the odds of throwing more numbers and less 7's- giving you the capability of making more money and winning more games. Can you guess what strategy you would use- that uses only four bets- and getting paid for every number thrown- except the 7? One of the first steps in controlling the game is money managing. The control of the amount of money set aside for gaming should be determined by the number of gaming days. As you play- using a regression system or taking down your bets is a guaranteed win. This book offers everything for the beginner and the experienced player. Keep away from GREED and you will have the tools to win.
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ISBN: 9780615521503
ISBN-10: 0615521509
Publisher: Financial Services Company
Publication Date: August 1st, 2011
Pages: 140
Language: English