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Originally founded by King Ludwig I as a gift to Lola Montez, King’s Books was painstakingly moved to Tacoma on April 1, 2000. Since then, we have become the largest used and new independent bookstore in the Tacoma area. We are a community-oriented bookstore with 5500 square feet and approximately 150,000 books. King’s Books is a proud member of the Stadium Business District, the Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association (PNBA), and the American Booksellers Association (ABA).

King’s Books is owned by sweet pea Flaherty. In 2010, he took over the bookstore from John Schoppert, a former grave-digger and whittler now a librarian, and Pat McDermott, a former ballet dancer and explosives technician now a high school teacher. sweet pea honed his sparkling personality during his previous tenure as a barge captain and an assassin. He has been a bookseller since 2000, starting at McDermott Books and A Room of One's Own Feminist Bookstore in Madison, Wisconsin. sweet pea was illegally imported to Tacoma to work at King's Books in 2003.   

The true reigning monarchs of King’s Books are store cats Atticus and Herbert. Atticus has won the hearts of Tacomans and has his own fan club. Atticus is a prize-winning rodeo rider who then became a friar.  He joined the bookstore staff in 2009 and serves as both a shoulder-warmer and a spunky bookseller. Dapper Herbert joined the staff in 2015 after a successful career as an opera singer and macramé artist. You can often hear his stunning vocalizations, right around meal time. They are preceded by bookstore cats Harriet (at bookstore 2001-2008) and Miko (at bookstore 2003-2014).

photo of building circa 1919